Anderson Elementary-Laundry 4 learning

Laundry 4 Learning is an initiative in partnership with Anderson Elementary School, Derby Laundromat, dry cleaners, individuals and groups throughout the Wichita area. Laundry 4 Learning helps to wash the school uniforms for the students to prevent absenteeism.

We know that every single day of school matters. When students miss school, they are missing an opportunity to learn. Absenteeism strongly impacts a student’s academic performance. In fact, students with excessive absence rates are more likely to fall behind, graduate late or even drop out. We believe that a child’s education could be at risk because they do not have access to clean clothes.

The simple act of laundry can have such a profound impact on students’ lives and we are excited to bring this program to Anderson Elementary School. Laundry 4 Learning explores the connection between access to clean clothes and attendance rates. As part of the program, each school identifies students with a need for clean clothes and anonymously tracks their loads of laundry, attendance and grades throughout the school year. To measure additional behavioral changes, each student’s primary teacher also completes a qualitative survey asking if they believe access to clean clothes improves their student’s ability to do a variety of activities from participating in class to enjoying school.

It is our hope that through the neutral idea of providing clean uniforms, every attendance challenged student will gain dignity and therefore, raise attendance, grades, state assessment scores and eventually higher graduation rates. We believe this high level of student care, demonstrated through selfless concern and consistency, will forge strong bonds of unity between students and their desire to learn for a lifetime.


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Head to Toe Hygiene Pantry is a collaborative effort of University Congregational Church, Open Door, Interfaith, and Breakthrough Club. This ministry meets the need of those in Wichita who lack the resources for basic hygiene products. From diapers to razors, from toilet paper to toothpaste, Head to Toe delivers these items to the people in a dignified loving way.

Headed by Debbie Green and a host of volunteers, including MPSC, they serve well over 300 families each Saturday they are open. MPSC supports Head to Toe financially every month as well as through volunteering. Tru Identity (MPSC Youth) volunteer and share the love of Jesus in a very practical way.




    United Methodist Open Door began in 1965 as “United Methodist Urban Ministry of Wichita” by a group of Methodist clergy and laity who felt that the church should be more responsive to the needs of our city In 1981, the country faced serious financial problems that adversely affected the local economy. In response to the crisis, United Methodist Urban Ministry became even more involved in direct service to the community and in the process became supported by a diverse group.

    In 2007, the agency changed its name to United Methodist Open Door to better reflect its purpose and mission to provide food, clothing, and shelter. Today the agency continues to open their doors – and hearts – to more than 14,500 people in need each month. MPSC supports Open Door through giving ongoing clothing donations to Open Door’s clothes closet and will continue to look for opportunities to partner with Open Door.