The Mix-Young Adults

Life is filled with transitions; this constant change causes decisions to become more complex and direction, at times, can be unclear. The Mix is a ministry for young adults,who want to discover and pursue a real, authentic , everyday relationship with God. This ministry connects young adults through studies around relevant topics, outings and activities, or just living life together. Check out the Upcoming Events or Sunday service announcements for details.



Connect Classes 

Connect with others while you grow in your relationship with Christ.

Connect Classes are Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00 P.M.

Session Dates:

  • Session 1: February 13th, 2019 to March 20th, 2019

  • Session 2: April 3, 2019 to May 8th, 2019

  • Session 3: May 22nd, 2019 to June 26, 2019

  • Session 4: July 10th, 2019 to August 14th, 2019 (summer sessions subject to change)

  • Session 5: August 28th, 2019 to October 2nd, 2019

  • Session 6: October 16th, 2019 to November 20th, 2019


30 Life Principles- Author Charles F. Stanley. God has provided the perfect pattern for you to enjoy life at its very best through the countless principles found in His Word. In this power packed study you will learn to apply these timeless truths to your life and enjoy life at its very best.


When God’s People Pray- Author Jim Cymbala Prayer can change lives and circumstances like nothing else can. What are the keys that unlock its power, that turn prayer from mere activity into vital link with God? This study will teach practical principals to teach you to pray with passion, focus and faith.

Student Classes

Ambassadors - From the KAA Summer Camp this study is for middle school aged students 5th-7th grade. The Ambassador Program seeks students who desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and want to learn how to become an influencer for Christ in their schools, churches, families, and community.

Champions & Women of Destiny- This is another study that is from the KAA Summer Camp that our students attend every summer. Aimed at high school aged students. ( 7th-12th grade) This is a tool used to develop leaders among inner-city high school youth by aiding them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dynamic Duos

God has a thing about pairs. David and Jonathan, Paul and Silas, Priscilla and Aquila are just a few of the Dynamic Duos in scripture. Join us as we study these powerful pairs of the Bible. 


Faith By Art

God created us to be creative! Whether you are an experienced artist or interested in discovering the craftier side of yourself, join us for this fun and interactive Connect Class. All art supplies will be provided.  


The Bait of Satan

This powerful study is one of the most important confrontations with truth you'll encounter in your lifetime. It exposes Satan's deceptive snare, offense, used to get believers out of the will of God. Jesus said, "It is impossible that no offenses should come" Luke 17:1. Your choice is not in whether or not you get offended, but in how you choose to respond. This message will empower you to stay free from offense.