Ready.Set.Go. is a discipleship program that presents a clear road map for what the Bible says about spiritual growth and how we can help you take the next step in your journey. 

We are all called to become disciples then go out and make disciples, so whether you are just beginning your spiritual walk, are new to Mending Place, or consider yourself a veteran, this program will equip you with practical tools you need to know, grow, discover and go wherever God leads. 

Classes are held Sunday’s at the same time as worship service. This allows everyone the ability to take part in this essential program.

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WEEK #1: Know

The things you’ll KNOW...

  • Know the Gospel

  • Know salvation and the assurance of faith

  • Know your identity in Christ


The tools (How To’s) to help you GROW...

  • How to abide in Christ

  • How to pray to God

  • How to study and live by God’s Word

  • How to worship God daily


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WEEK #3: discover

You are on the road to DISCOVER

  • What on earth you are here for; the purpose/reason you were born

  • What gifts God has given you both spiritual and natural

  • What Jesus is calling you to be and do for His Kingdom

Prep Work:

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment


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WEEK #4: go

Now What? You are now prepared to GO...

  • Serve both in the local church and around the world

  • Care for others and your family in real, genuine, ways

  • Make Disciples of all nations

Prep Work:

Review list of CORE Team volunteer opportunity